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Tasty & Diverse

Murph's Patio Bar & Grill in DeLand, situated in the heart of the Victoria Park area, prides ourselves on being a locally owned establishment deeply connected to the community. Here are the key features of our business:

  1. Local Ownership and Longevity: The restaurant is owned by DeLand residents with a longstanding history in the area, spanning over 30 years. This highlights their commitment to the local community.

  2. Emphasis on Family and Community: Our primary goal is to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere where every customer feels like part of the family. We aim to create a sense of belonging for everyone who walks through their doors.

  3. Simple Mission: Murph's focus is on serving high-quality food at reasonable prices while delivering exceptional service. This straightforward approach aligns with the dedication to providing a positive dining experience.

  4. Weekly Specials with Fresh Seasonal Items: Offering weekly specials curated by experienced chefs using fresh seasonal ingredients. This not only adds diversity to the menu but also showcases the culinary expertise of our chefs.

By prioritizing community ties, a welcoming environment, affordability, and culinary innovation using seasonal produce, Murph's Patio Bar & Grill aims to create a dining experience that goes beyond just serving food; it aims to create lasting connections with our customers and the local community.

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